Masjid Mujahidin Surabaya Presents Humanitarian Volunteers for Rohingya

SURABAYA ( – Minah Muhahidin Perak Surabaya in cooperation Insan Al Furqan and Forum Me-Dan held Tabligh Akbar Peduli presents Ustaz Utsman bin Sef and Ustaz Sunaryo (Volunteer from Forum Medical and Humanitarian Action – Forum Me-Dan) on Sunday 1/1/2017).

The event was attended by hundreds of visitors. Afte watching the videos and the stories from Me-Dan Forum volunteers directly to Myanmar, the congregation rushed to collect the humanitarian fund for Rohingya to collect 6 gold rings and Rp 23.920.000 cash.

Me-Dan Forum Distributes the Sixth Wave Assistance for Rohingya Refugees in Sittwe

“From many mothers who cry” Diah said one of Tabligh Akbar’s participants. One of the organizers, Chairman Insan Al Furqan ustaz Abdul Aziz also convey a message to Muslims especially in Indonesia, that an obligation of concern for Muslims of Indonesia to help the Muslim brother Rohingya with all the power and effort according to their respective capacities.

“Call upon all elements of society and social institutions and humanity to come together to solve our brother Rohingya’s business. Even if it is necessary to support institutions that have managed to penetrate to the location, so that the right target. Not just on the border. Because there are still many who have not been touched by the aid, “he concluded.

Translator: Taznim