Muslim Community held a Rohingnya Care Bazaar

BIMA ( – The humanitarian crisis that is still suffered by the Rohingya community continues to receive attention, Muslim Bima Peduli (MBP) is included. MBP held a Rohingya care bazaar in Paruga Na’e, Soekarno-Hatta Street Bima City, Sunday (8/10/2017).

MBP Coordinator, Parmila conveyed the purpose of holding this bazaar as a reward market, opening the widest method of donation in addition to providing funds in the form of money.

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“The bazaar is to help ease the fund-raising process, because not all the donors who are willing to donate donate it in cash,” he explained briefly to the location.

In addition, he continued, the bazaar is also to draw sympathy from citizens in helping the majority Muslim community in Rohingya Islam.

“Because to this day Muslim brother in Rohingya still desperately need our help and helping hand to connect his life, because to this day they are all still living in refugee tents,” he invited.

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From the monitoring team jurniscom, there are several types of goods sold in the event such bazaar dolls, notebooks, clothes, headscarves, moslem clothing, and household appliances.

“The goods we received from the muhsinin who want to berinfak to help Rohingya. For the proceeds of the sale entirely in the designation to help Muslims Rohingya, “said Parmila.

Translator: Taznim