Shame! Treatment Difficult, Abu Bakar Baasyir Abnormal Swelling of Feet

BOGOR ( – The charismatic cleric, Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir (ABB) who is currently detained in the prison of Gunung Sindur Bogor, again suffered swelling in his legs.

Jozerizal, one of the doctors from the Mer-C medical team who handles the ustaz ABB said, the condition of this eldah scholar is very worrying. Plus, he said, we hd difficulty even meeting just take care of health by the prison officers.

“Alhamdulillah Mer-C medical team was allowed to check his health, Friday, October 6, 2017. Previously we have done General Check Up in ‘Harapan Kita’ Hospital, including Echokardiografi and CT Scan Heart, and others,” he explained in his official Facebook account, Friday (6/10/2017).

“One of the problems is that his legs are very swollen, presumably from Vena Insuficiency, now his legs are even more swollen again,” he added.

Joze together with Mer-C requested to continue the examination, further to Dr. National Center General Hospital. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM). Because, in that place many vascular surgeons.

Moreover, Jose appealed to the BNPT and Densus 88 not to complicate the medical examination of the ABB ustaz. Because, if not, could cause foot tissue death.

“The process is complicated, if there is death of the foot tissue (necrosis) by the process of blockage Deep Venous Thrombosis, how? Are BNPT and Densus willing to take responsibility ?, “he concluded.

Translator: Taznim