Three Years in Prison, Reaction Ustaz Alfian Tanjung

Three Years in Prison, Reaction Ustaz Alfian Tanjung

SURABAYA ( -Advanced trial on Monday (11/27/2017) agenda for reading the prosecutor’s demand in the Courtroom Cakra PN Surabaya. The indictment with the PDM-321 / Tj.Perak / 07/2017 Indictment Number is related to a lecture delivered by Ustaz Alfian Tanjung at Mujahidin Mosque – Perak, Surabaya.

The prosecutor requested to the Panel of Judges to impose the law for 3 years minus the term of detention.

“This is based on the examination of the defendant during the trial and testimony of witnesses. So we conclude that it has fulfilled a criminal act by discriminating against a certain race or group by spreading hate speech, “the prosecutor said in a hearing before the panel of judges.

Responding to these claims, to Ustadz Alfian Tanjung said that the case that befell him felt very unfair.

Strange Occurrence In The Trial Ustadz Alfian Tanjung, Video Evidence Suddenly Damaged

“Everyone knows when the reporting witness comes very confused and the witnesses who are incriminating leave it up to the investigator,” he said.

“I strongly go to the knights to explain that the communist awakening is becoming more and more real. Although they have not been blatantly clothed in the PKI it will crawl quite strongly. I have been studying Communist revival for 30 years. Next week I will file a plee, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, attorney of ustaz Alfian Tanjung, Al Katiri said that damaged and incomplete evidence automatically does not meet the requirements of evidence in the trial. As is known, anti-Communist campaigner ustaz Alfian Tanjung has been declared free and proven not guilty. However, he was arrested and charged with UU ITE in a lecture that is dangerous to communism.

Translator: Taznim

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