Perppu Dilema, and Role of Islamic Organizations Building the Nation

16 Juli 2017
Perppu Dilema, and Role of Islamic Organizations Building the Nation
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JURNALISLAM.COM – The existence of Islamic organizations is to provide solutions from crisis in this country, Islamic organizations actually invite to the direction of improvement from all sides of life for the nation and the state. Participation invites applying justice and truth to run a rule that will bring blessings an save society from Allahs curse,with a variety of methods and solutions offered.

The release of Perppu No. 2 year 2017 which regulates assosiation with mass organizations that target certain organizations that are not in line with the authorities will create conflict in the community. The freedom to voice opinions is restricted and even prohibited as part of the rights of citizens protected by law.

This community mass organization and its own pressure to groups that are considered radical from the Islamic ummah. Meanwhile, the communist and Shiite groups as well as groups that clearly undermine and divide the country are not in the category of radical groups.

There is no other way for Muslims to fight for their rights than we unite together in voicing truth and justice in the presence of a ruler who is no longer fair. It is time for Islamic mass organizations to unite the movement and step reject Perppu No.2 year 2017 about organizations that clearly hurt and hinder freedom in running a belief and offer a solution to overcome all the crisis in this country.

It is time for Muslims to return to what Allah and His Apostle called for by choosing a leader who applies the Shari’ah of Islam so that the life of this nation always get the Grace and blessings of Allah Subhanahu wataala and become the country of Baldatun thoyyibatum warrabbun ghofur.

Hamzah Baya

(Chairman of Indonesia Syariah Mimbar)

Translator: Taznim