Me-DAN Delivered Relief to an Insulated Camp in Sittwe, Rakhine

SITTWE ( Medical and Action Forum of Humanity (Me-DAN) succeeded in delivering aid to Rohingya refugees in one of the isolated districts of Sittwe, the Rakhine State Capital of Myanmar, Wednesday (13/09/2017). Refugee camps in this district have not yet registered the government of Myanmar, so the aid can not enter.

In this third period, the Me-DAN Forum distributed basic food aid such as rice, oil, eggs and so on to more than 100 families, not less than 1000 people.

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Secretary General of the Me-DAN Forum, Sunaryo said, the Rohingya Muslim community in Sittwe is very grateful to the people of Indonesia for the assistance.

“Please do not make this a last aid to us, and do not forget us in your prayers, are not we your brothers,” Sunaryo quoted one of the Rohingyas in the refugee camp as saying.

Sunaryo said that many Rohingya Muslims live in isolated camps that are not registered and are in dire need of help.

“There are still about 25,000 in non-register isolation camps that have not received help, do not forget them,” Sunaryo explained.

“Our Forum Me-DAN is ready to distribute the help,” he added.

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Previously, the Me-DAN Forum distributed the first and second periods of assistance in January and June. The Me-DAN Forum has successfully entered isolation camps in the Sittwe area to donate from the Indonesian Muslims in the form of basic foodstuffs, the construction of musholah and madrasah.

Secretary General of the forum Me-DAN Sunaryo, explains that in this isolation area the Rohingya Muslims suffered greatly.

“They are very deprived, you can imagine, they only eat with oil and salt side dishes, and clean water does not exist. Even for schools they can not, there are only madrasah diniyah there and that’s only for small children, “said Sunaryo.

Translator: Taznim