Aswaja Center Jember Held Symposium for Reflection on PKI Victims’ Clerical Struggle

JEMBER ( – To educate the public in relation o the betrayal of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in NKRI, Aswaja Center PCNU Jember held a National Symposium and Reflections on PKI Victims’ Clerical Struggle at the Law Faculty of Jember University, Saturday (30/9/2017).

“Victims of PKI violence are also a lot of scholars and students, as experienced by the family of KH Lutfi Ahmad, Pesantren Madinatul Ulum Jenggawah Pesantren,” said Vice Chairman PCNU Jember, KH Misbahus Salam.

In the event, KH Lutfi Ahmad delivered a testimony of the PKI’s atrocities against his father KH Ahmad Saif and his uncle KH Ali Hasan who was tortured to death in 1965.

“Starting from the plan of President Soekarno who will hold reconciliation with the involvement of the PKI, raises the pros and cons among scholars,” said KH Lutfi Ahmad.

He continued, his uncle KH Ali Hasan as one of the diplomats who trusted President Soekarno often visited and asked for opinions so that made the options of the cleric to be presented to President Soekarno.

“But during his journey in Juanda Surabaya was intercepted and tortured by the PKI people, even my uncle was shot. My father was tortured and detained, while the documents he took were taken, “he said.

Some speakers who attended the symposium include the Chairman of the MUI Jember Prof. Halim Subahar, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law Adam Muhsi and the Commander of Kodim 0824 Lieutenant Colonel Inf Rudianto.

The symposium produced seven recommendations for the government read by the Director of Aswaja Center PCNU Jember, KH Abdul Haris, M.Ag.

1. History must be submitted in its entirety and do not obscure historical facts so as to potentially make the perpetrator as a victim and do not also make the victim as the perpetrator.
2. The government is obliged to fulfill the citizens’ rights and is obliged to educate the young generation and to convey the historical facts in their entirety.
3. In fact not just a few of the scholars and students who became victims of the PKI killings in the period 1940s-1965 which among them is RKH. Ali Hasan Tempurejo, the charismatic cleric of southern Jember, but all parties should no longer hold grudges and even have to forgive each other because in principle there is no derived sin.
4. The government did not need to make an apology to the PKI because it would actually hurt the victims of the PKI.
5. Cultural reconciliation has occurred, so no need to be formalized which potentially tapered the difference.
6. All elements of the nation must be responsible for building the nation of Indonesia and must maintain the integrity of the Indonesian nation by rejecting all forms of movements that threaten the integrity of the Indonesian nation.
7. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is the final state for the ideology of the Pancasila with the Almighty God, so that all forms of conflicting ideology must be rejected.

Translator: Taznim