‘With Unity, Allah will Pointout Muslim SelfWorth: Ansharusyariah

‘With Unity,  Allah will Pointout Muslim SelfWorth: Ansharusyariah

JAKARTA (Jurnalislam.com) – The 212 alumni reunion will be held in the next few days. Some parties still question the urgency of the event for Islam and Muslims. More a few also embrace the existence of political interests in the event.

Leader of Ansharusy Shari’ah Jamaat, Ustadz Muhammad Achwan said, grand alumni reunion event 212 is very important to be held. According to him, the event is to maintain a sense of unity that has been shown by Muslims over last year.

“The incident one year ago had been an incredible one. Muslims can unite, abandon their group identity, leave their respective ego, and with it Allah will show the minds of the Muslims, “he said when interviewed by Jurnalislam.com in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/11/2017).

He explains, the glory of the Muslims will only be seen when people want to unite. Therefore, he said, the gathering of Muslims in the grand reunion 212 is a precious moment to be proud of.

“So this event is very important, because the moment where Muslims want to unite and strip the clothes of their own group and they want to sacrifice for it, it is very expensive at all,” he added.

Ustadz Achwan continued, the unity of Muslims will be calculated by those who are hostile. The enemies of Islam are very frightened when Muslims unite. Ustadz Achwan quotes the word of Allah in the Qur’an Al Hasr (59) verse 13-14.

“You are in their hearts more feared than God. That is because they are a people who do not understand. They will not fight you in unity, except in the fortified villages or behind the walls. The enmity between their neighbors is great. You think they are united, their hearts are divided. That is because they are a people who do not understand. “

“So this event is very important, if necessary this should be done once a year, even if in areas can be very extraordinary,” he explained.

For the benefit of Islam and the Muslims

Related to the issue of political interests that rode the event, Ustadz Achwan advise the leaders of the people, especially the organizing committee to straighten the intention. The defeat of Muslims in the Uhud war was due to the interests of a handful of people. For that he asserted, the interests of the reunion event 212 should be purely for the benefit of Islam and the Muslims.

“Another interest will only cause defeat for the ranks of the Muslims, as in the events of war uhud. Because sooner or later the interest will be discovered later, “he said.

Furthermore, Ustadz Achwan said the urgency of the reunion event 212 is also to restore the sovereignty of the Muslims in this country. He considered, Islam is what gave birth to the spirit of resistance against colonialism to deliver Indonesia to its independence.

“Therefore, the right to sovereignty is the Muslims, that is often forgotten. And we will encourage that spirit to the reunion crowd 212, “he said.

Translator: Taznim