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Thankful Spirit 212, Continue To Keep Unity: Amien Rais

Thankful Spirit 212,  Continue To Keep Unity: Amien Rais

BONDOWOSO ( – The father of Indonesian reform, Prof. Dr. Amien Rais appealed to Muslims to maintain unity after the action on December 2, 2016 or known as Action 212. According to him, spirit 212 is a new strength of Muslims to build a better Indonesia.

“The act of Islamic Defense is something extraordinary. Already able to unite the strength of UII (Indonesian Muslims). Therefore, God willing we will sit back, we set as well as possible, this is God’s religion in Indonesia we love this, “he said in the event Halal Bi Halal Alumni 212 in Ponpes Al-Ishlah Bondowoso, East Java, Sunday (23 / 7/2017).

Amien Rais also considered, spirit212 has destroyed the political power that is predicted impossible to defeat because it is supported by the ruler and finance is not limited.

“Ahok lost that was a tremendous wind of change. Because if you use human reason Ahok should win. Because behind him the Dajjal economy, dajjal politics, financial dajjal, dajjal networking, and dajjal intelligence, but still lost, “he said.

Therefore, Amien Rais called on Muslims to be grateful for the spirit by keeping unity.

“This is God’s gift to Indonesian Muslims, which is important we are united. Then the ‘two elephants’ of Muhammadiyah and NU should be further tidied up. Rest assured, if we move together, God will never let us down, “he concluded.

Translator: Taznim

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