Live Trial Indictment Prime: Ustadz Alfian Tanjung Says

Live Trial Indictment Prime: Ustadz Alfian Tanjung Says

SURABAYA ( – Anti-communism activist Ustadz Alfian Tanjung undergoes the first trial case number 2320 / pid.sus / 2017 / PN.SBY. At the Cakra Room of the Surabaya District Court, Wednesday (8/16/2017).

The first hearing was chaired by Judge Dedi Fardiman and was attended by hundreds of Islamic elements and 26 of the 112 lawyers. Facing the inaugural session, ustadz Alfian Tanjung admitted ready to undergo the legal process.

“Today is a historic thing in my life. This is a process that must be passed and I will live well and coordinate with my team, “said cleric Alfian Tanjung in front of the Panel of Judges.

As is known, the case that happened to ustadz Alfian begins from a report of a Surabaya citizen named Sudjatmiko dated April 11, 2017 in East Java Police who accused the content of lectures at the mosque Mujahidin Surabaya contains elements of hatred against Ahok and PKI. Finally, cleric Alfian Tanjung thrown into prison and just undergo the first trial on Wednesday (16/8).

Ustadz Alfian was charged with Article 16 Jo. Article 4 letter b number 2 of Law no. 40 of 2008 on the Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and or Article 156 of the Criminal Code. The hearing will be postponed until next Wednesday at 10 am with the agenda of submitting the objection note from the defendant and the legal counsel.

Translator: Taznim

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