Let Religion Carry Out it’s Own Law: Iim Ba’asyir

Let Religion Carry Out it’s Own Law: Iim Ba’asyir

SOLO (Jurnalislam.com)Ansharusy Shariah Jamaah spokesman, Ustadz Abdul Rochim Ba’asyir said, if the State is unable to enforce the law against religious cases, then let Religion carry out its own law.

“People who transgres against religion should be severely punished, if this country can not enforce the law to the religious trangressors then let the religion be the one to uphold the law,” he told Jurnalislam in Solo, Wednesday (03/05/2017), also known as Ustadz Iim, stating that the state can no longer show its identity/true face in state law.

Because, the law in this country has been played with by certain groups. Ustadz Iim revealed that the legal injustice in Ahok case is very clear. Therefore, if Ahok’s verdict is not in accordance with the applicable law, it is not impossible that Muslims will take the law into their own hands as ordered in the Shari’a.

“But to enforce sharia law in Indonesia is still avoided. So that Muslims must take the opportunity to utilize as much as possible in order to punish the religious transgressor. But if then can not, then I am sure Muslims will take the attitude according to the way that is prescribed in religion, “he explained.

Related to Sympathy 55, Ustadz Iim appealed to Muslims to participate. The action is said to be a warning to the panel of judges to impose the maximum sentence against Ahok.

“At least this effort is an effort that Insha Allah (god willing) will provide benefits to Islam throughout Indonesia. Although this small, but at least it is something ,better than we not doing anything atall, hopefully Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will ease the people efforts, to be able to achieve in its glory and goodness in Shari’ah, “he concluded.

Jama’ah Ansharusy Shariah it self has instructed the entire region to follow the action that will be followed by the millions of Muslims.

Reporter: Arie Ristyan

Translator: Taznim

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