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GNPF Submit Support Letters and Jurisprudence Submission

GNPF Submit Support Letters and Jurisprudence Submission

JAKARTA ( – The advocacy team of GNPF MUI visited North Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (3/5/2017). The delegation was received by the Head of Public Relations of the Court, Hasiholan Sianturi. This arrival aims to provide support to the Court, in particular the judges as well as the authority to give a fair verdict in the case of blasphemy of Ahok.

The head of the advocacy team of GNPF MUI Nasrulloh Nasution also strengthened the panel of judges with the suggestion not to be afraid of intervention by certain parties, as alleged to have occurred with the Public Prosecutor.

“We ask the panel of judges so that the verdict is free from any external intervention,” Nasrulloh stressed.

At the same time Nasrulloh also gave a bundle of 575-page document containing religious defamation cases that had been severed by the courts.

“We hope the panel of judges will consider justice that has previously upheld and already accepted by society during that time that the religious penalty is punished with imprisonment,” explained.

Nasrulloh and his entourage then moved towards the Supreme Court to convey the same message.

Reporter: HK

Translator: Taznim

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