Amien Rais Invites People to Reunite (212) With the Spirit to Improve the Country

JAKARTA ( – Board of Trustees of Alumni Presidium 212, Prof. Dr. Amien Rais invites Muslims to attend the Great Reunion 212 in the spirit of improving the country.

“Come in droves, let us show the world that we are one people and we will work together to improve this country together,” he said in a video uploaded to youtube by the Indonesian Movement of Fajr (GISS) on Monday (11/27/2017).

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He also appealed to participants not to be provoked by propaganda of irresponsible parties.

“Let us come in peace and sincerity, not one of our intentions to undermine let alone heated like the propaganda of those irresponsible people. Because it has been proven many times that we are experts in expressing opinions, “he explained.

Chairman of the National Mandate Party Mandate Council (PAN) also explained that the presence of Muslims in the event is as a form of maintaining Indonesian sovereignty by strengthening the bonds of fraternity among fellow children of the nation.

“Therefore, I remind, in the Qur’an we have an obligation amar maruf nahi munkar and uphold justice and prevent tyranny,” he added.

Translator: Taznim