The 5 Main Points of Mudzakarah Outcome In Central Java

The 5 Main Points of Mudzakarah Outcome In Central Java

SOLO ( – A number of Islamic organizations in Central Java (Central Java) held a Mudzakaroh Ulama at Medina Hotel, Kerten, Surakarta, Sunday (12/11/2017). The event was attended by scholars from various Islamic organizations in Central Java, to respond to the widespread development of heretical sects in Indonesia, including Shia.

In the Mudzakaroh of the Ulema, a decision consists of 5 points:

  1. Call on scholars, habaib, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) Central Java and MUI center to maintain the purity of Islamic teachings amid the nation society.
  2. Appeals to the MUI of Central Java province to socialize the MUI fatwa of the Kufr of the people who perform Ismatul A’imah (believe in Shiite Imams), Tahriful Quran (Quran is not pure again), and insult the amarattul mukminin and the friends, this is often done by a group of Shia in Indonesia.
  3. Mudazakaroh Central Java cleric supports MUI Fatwa East Java about Shiite heresy.
  4. Appeal to all Central Java provincial government stakeholders to keep a wary eye on the Shi’ite movement within their religious rituals, always expressing the ideology of hostility among the nations young as in the celebration of karbala and idul Qodir.
  5. To invite all Muslims, Central Java in particular, to continue to strengthen social friendships, maintaining the attitude of the tolerant until the achievement of the glory of Islam and the Muslims, to the realization of a just, prosperous Indonesia and blessed Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.

Translator: Taznim