Project Reclamation, Corporate Proof Logged by Corporation

Project Reclamation, Corporate Proof Logged by Corporation

KARANGANYAR ( – Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Youth, Dahnila Anzar Simanjuntak asserted, the state should not be controlled by the corporation. The statement was conveyed touched on the Jakarta bay reclamation project which was judged increasingly unstoppable.

“The state should not be outdone by the corporations, the state must be clear and firm against the efforts of co-opting the state, it is clear, the country as if controlled by the corporation, it’s like a VOC,” he said in Karanganyar Square on Sunday (22/10/2017).

For that, the enthusiast of vespa motor invites all parties to unite stop the reclamation project

“This has to be stopped, it’s clear our independence is usurped by corporations, political independence, economy, already deprived,” he stressed.

As is known, the government through Menko Kemaritiman, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan revoke the memotarium of the Jakarta Bay reclamation project which means the national project is continued.

Translator: Taznim