Java as a Terrorist Nest, JAS Central Java: Police Chief Tito is Reckless

KARANGANYAR ( -Amir Jama’ah Ansharusy Shariah Central Java ustaz Surawijaya said that the statement of the Chief of Police about Java is a terrorist’s nest is a statement that is inconsequential and tendentious.

“That is inconsequential and tendentious. If in the court will enter into ethnic because it appoints one element of a tribe in Indonesia, “he told after Tabligh Akbar in Jumantono Karanganyar, Tuesday (31/11/2017).

According to Surawijaya, Tito should not generalize the actions of some people to a particular tribe. He said that the Chief of Police conveyed his hatred to the Javanese majority Muslim.

Furthermore, Cak Rowi, his usual greeting said that the statement should not be submitted by the Chief of Police. “Because we can know how the terrorist indication is only labeled to Muslims and especially today that many people do in Java,” he concluded.

As is known to the National Police chief Tito Karnavian revealed that terrorists come from Java. during the inauguration ceremony of police science strategic studies, counter terrorism studies at the Police Science College STIK-PTIK Jakarta on (26/10/2017).

Translator: Taznim