Continuing Protests, Pull Decision Or We Expel US Ambassador in Indonesia

JAKARTA ( – Thousands of masses from various Islamic organizations and students and the associations of Betawi Jawara attended a further demonstration denouncing the claims of Jerusalem (Al Quds) as the capital of Israel in front of the US Ambassador, Jl. Medan Merdeka, Jakarta, Monday (11/12/2017).

Alternately representatives of mass organizations and figure standing above their commanders car made Criticism and endless threats to the American President, Donald Trump.

“We will continue to return to this place until Trump retracts his decision, and we will not be afraid of the Americans and his minions because we are ready to buy and sell to Allah with our blood and soul,” said Ansharusy Shariah Jamaat Chairman Ustadz Gunadi from the car command point

Then Syuro FPI board, Habib Husein Al Attas asserted, if the US does not withdraw its decision it will expel the US embassy in Indonesia.

“We will expel the US ambassadors in Indonesia and we will fight them until the roots until Donald Trump pull back his decision,” he said.

The demonstration was also decorated with silat moves by the Betawi Javanese based on the flag of the United States and Israel. The masses also trampled and then burned both flags.

Translator: Taznim