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The Case of Hermansyah Sacking, KSHUMI: Investigate the True Terrorists

The Case of Hermansyah Sacking, KSHUMI: Investigate the True Terrorists

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian Muslim Law Scholars (Kshumi) community spoke about acts of violence, terror, crimes and attempted murder of Hermansyah. Kshumi urged the police to immediately and thoroughly investigate the case that has made public attention.

“Ask and encourage law enforcement officers to immediately investigate, uncover and capture criminals, real terrorists like this,” said Chief Executive Kshumi, Chandra Purna Irawan to jurniscom, Tuesday (11/7/2017).

He said the law enforcement authorities should not first conclude a verdict without deepening first into the case.

“We should first experience the event, through CCTV, Car Plate, and browse the car ownership history. And this can be done with the broad authority that (police have-red) has, “he explained.

In addition, he also commented on the negative opinion circulating in the community against the police performance in uncovering the case. The completion of the hard water spraying case of Novel Baswedan was considered to be the comparison of the case of the witnesses’ sacking of alleged hacker Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS) with Firza Husein.

“Actually not only with the case of NB, but with others such as Iwan. Society assess all cases above is not clear end, so the confidence of society faded, “he concluded.

Moreover, it will endeavor to provide legal aid both litigation and non-litigation. He also called on all Muslim Law Scholars to promote solidarity and solidarity for the benefit of the ummah.

Translator: Taznim

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